Private View Tours started in 2000. Since then we have provided private arrangements for diverse parties.
  • A delegation from China, consisting of a mayor and some civil servants of the city of Ginang, was on a work-visit in Amsterdam, and afterwards, made a 3-days' tour along the highlights of the Netherlands.
  • A pharmacy from the Dutch city of Breda celebrating a jubileum of one their employees, spent the day in Amsterdam, including a city walk, roundtrip by boat, and dinner.
  • The annual field day of the board of members of the Rabobank Meppel and surroundings, included among other things a guided tour of the Royal Palace on the Dam Square in Amsterdam, and a visit to a 17th century church refuge.
  • A Russian delegation, guests of the Dutch Bank, were given a guided tour of the highlights of paintings of the Golden Age in the Rijksmuseum.
  • For a group of environmental specialists from Scandinavia, here on a work-visit at the University of Amsterdam, Private View Tours organized an excursion based on the theme "wind energy". They travelled from Amsterdam, through the city of Medemblik, and onto the Energy Centrum Holland in the city of Petten.
  • A delegation from a South African business company spent 5 days visiting a number of Dutch companies. Private View Tours arranged for transportation, guided the visits, kept the time-schedules, and provided details about Dutch culture along the way.
  • Several guests of the Hotel Amstel Inter-Continental in Amsterdam, have made use of the Private View Tours-private excursions, among them The Rijksmuseum and The Van Gogh Museum combined with a city walk through Amsterdam.


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