Our policy is quality. By every booking we strive for a relaxed, enjoyable, and well arranged outing, based on your specific requests.

A number of interesting, lesser known museums are only suitable for visits by small groups, so we can include them (for instance the Pianola museum and the Houseboat museum) in our programmes. Of course, we also provide for guided tours in the Van Gogh museum and of the famous paintings of the Dutch Masters in the Rijksmuseum.

A city walking tour can be combined with every programme. There are many possibilities, varying from a walk through the medieval centre or along the 17th century canal zone, to one which focuses on the changes in the harbor area.

Amsterdam is a city of water and canals. It is evident that a roundtrip by boat is on our itinerary. You can choose between the standard circleline by one of the many big boat services or a private trip in an authentic "salon boat" dating back from the beginning of the last century.

We can also organize a day programme based on a certain theme. For example, the Dutch Polders (reclaimed land), or Water management, the Golden Age in Amsterdam, or a view of 17th century mansions situated along the river Vecht. These are just a few of the possibilities.

Our excursions are not just restricted to the capital city. A visit to the annual flower exibition "The Keukenhof" in Lisse , can be combined with a guided tour in the Frans Hals museum in the neighbouring city of Haarlem, as well as wih a city walk there. In the cities of Hoorn and Enkhuizen, we can show you some historical traces of the VOC. If you visit the places Graft and De Rijp with us, you see the beauty of the polders (reclaimed land) at its best.

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